I’m still some eleven months out from moving my life into an RV. I have a very careful and strategic plan laid out for this massive transition and I’m doing a good job of staying on track, not getting impatient and being smart about my decision making process.

That said, RV shopping for a few hours today was both enlightening and discombobulating at the same time!

For starters spending a lot of time in the various models made me want to go. Like RIGHT NOW. It’s so tempting to throw all the plans out the window and plunge into the backroads of a national park tomorrow.

Some of the RV’s I looked at were nicer than my town house and I have a pretty nice pad! I saw some stuff today that I think I might be far more comfortable in than my own home. That was a big tug on my patience program and it took some will-power to overcome.

Second, my initial plan to firmly go with a class a model was kind of disrupted in a big way today. I absolutely fell in love with a 2017 28 foot Forest River Wildwood Travel Trailer. The interior was beautiful and the layout was exactly the kind of layout I can make work for me in a big way.

You see, I have a lot of work to take with me in this transition. Blogging, video editing, my business, etc. I kind of want it all to have its own separate space or nook. A small little separate room would be a big benefit, but not a deal killer.

The Wildwood had an entire second bedroom with a couch and two single bunks. I could easily take those bunks out, put a nice desk in with a big window view and boom… full scale office space self contained in a separate room.

I also looked at some 5th wheel trailers that were just unreal. I mean like hard to believe they were so roomy and nice!

But I have a hurdle for both a 5th wheel and a travel trailer that I’m not sure I can get over. A vehicle to pull one with.

I have a small SUV that I was/am planning on pulling behind a class A and my SUV can’t pull a lengthy trailer. A 5th wheel requires a monster of a pickup and that just doesn’t seem realistic for me.

That Wildwood does have my mental wheels spinning though. Perhaps I can trade my SUV in for something that could definitely take on the workload of hauling a 28 foot trailer.

Anyway, the fact that I just discussed all of that explains how the day has changed my perspective of it all. It certainly created a scenario of more options. More things to consider.

I’m still leaning towards Class A. With a class A I feel I could use one of the cab seats as a living room seat and install a small desk/chair where a living room chair might sit. That would create a better work environment for me.

As far as the class A window shopping goes, I looked at RV’s ranging from $14,000 all the way to $75,000. Financing a $75,000 RV is not entirely off the table, but it’s not ideal. What I can get brand new for $75,000 does have what I want, as nice as I want and as spacious as I want.

But do I want a 20 year loan for $75,000 on an RV? I don’t think so.

If I go the class A route I’m either going to buy something older in the $15,000 range, pay cash and then upgrade it to my liking or I’m going to finance in the range of $25,000 to $35,000 for something a little newer/nicer and use my cash to install solar and make a few boondock-friendly changes.

In any event, I kind of thought some window shopping would help clarify my decision. It had the opposite effect and I’m now kind of back at the drawing board.

But wow… there are some super nice RV’s out there. I mean WOW!

I was having multiple OMG moments all day long!